Google Chrome on Arch..

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Actually its not the official Chrome, but the open-source development version, better known as Chromium. I installed chromium from aur as follows:

	yaourt chromium-browser-bin

After trying it out for a few minutes, I knew it was going to replace Firefox as my default Web Browser. It has certainly improved quite a lot since I last tried it on Ubuntu. It used to crash a lot then. Now, it has become rock stable(well, almost). It’s fast and snappy. It has got some great themes. On first start, it imported all my Firefox bookmarks. Also, another thing that I liked was the Opera-style speed dial that I always longed for in Firefox (Opera never quite did it for me). Overall its great, though there is one thing from Firefox that I still require on Chromium - something like the DownloadThemAll! addon for firefox. Hopefully, it will be developed ASAP. Till then I’ll go back to “The Fox” for big downloads.


Sayak Biswas

Sayak Biswas

Graduate Student | Software Engineer | Music Lover

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